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Enbrel is in the building!

Well to be more precise, swimming around my right thigh!

A lovely knowledgeable nurse came and showed me how to use the pen which was delivered by courier yesterday.

My sharps box is nearly as big as my dustbin.

All good as of three hours in and nothing weird to report. I know it's completely psychological but the very fact just SOMETHING is being done puts a spring in ones step or should I say limp!

Will come back on and update if anything weird happens.

Mand x

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Hope not to hear from you! My first few injections were problem free and effective.

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Thanks Matilda x


I always used to look forward to Fridays...the day of my injection!

Hope Enbrel works for you

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Thank you Fra

Keeping everything crossed!

Did you suffer any side effects at all ( apologies if I have asked you this before) ?



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