just wondering if anyone has the same experiences as myself . Just recentley ( 2months) every time I do any exercise my whole body is in pain most of my joints hurt even muscles hips feet elbows etc , and because my job means im on my feet all day and also lifting I dont no if I should take it easy or work threw the pain .went for a short walk today came back in agony

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  • I know that if I haven't exercised for a few days that everything gets stiff and uncomfortable, but honestly, I'd talk to your rheumy about what's right for you. It may be that you'd be better exercising in water without the load on your bones. Maybe try an even shorter walk? When in doubt, consult!


  • I saw the physiotherapist on our hospital team and she advised certain exercises for me and also advised me not to exercise if I was flaring. Don't know if that's standard advice but she did say continue stretching gently .

  • Water is best, I go to the pool twice a week, sauna, steam, bubbles, and walk in the pool, when I first did this I felt terrible, but after time it's great, The only down side is the undressing and dressing , But worth it for relief, try and give it a go

  • When exercising the advice is to start from where you are now. So pace yourself.

    Do a little bit often. If you have a lot of pain after exercising it is a sign that you have done too much - so scale down your intensity (how hard you work) and the duration (how long you do it for). If you imagine a rating scale from 0 (no effort) to 10 (the most I can do), the intensity should be around 3-5. Break up the duration into short times, like 5 mins every 2 hours throughout the day.

    But keep at it so that you improve.

  • Agree with above (especially how much hassle it is getting changed to swim). I can do 10 minutes on a bike, have turbo trainer in garage, now. 20 on a good day. Couldnt even get on my bike last year. X

  • Hi

    thanks everyone for kind comments ive been in the jacuzzi in leisure cntre and helped alot but I cant afford it only once a month , wish I could as id be in there loads, as for my work dont think my boss would like me slowing down as would never get the work done

  • See your GP.

    Don't push your body if it hurts you may damage your joints. Exercise isn't recommended if you are in pain.

    Hope you are better soon 😉

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