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A Gentle Reminder

Dear HU users

May we please remind you all of the community guidelines for posting on this forum:

Community Atmosphere:

Your participation on HealthUnlocked should be with respect, honesty, and in the spirit of supporting and learning from your fellow users.

HealthUnlocked is not a forum to create negative impressions about identifiable individuals. Negative and damaging references to identifiable individuals may be edited or deleted either by HealthUnlocked or by a community administrator. We hope that users will respect the right of other members to present their individual health experiences, regardless of whether or not they are in agreement, and that all disagreements will be expressed considerately.

This community has a large number of users from across the world and inevitably there will be disagreements but please bear in mind when posting or replying to a post the wider audience and the impression this gives especially to new members. As administrators we have guidelines that we adhere to when monitoring posts and follow these when editing or removing posts.

May we take this opportunity to gently remind people of the users T&Cs which they can find at the bottom of any page.


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

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