well what a week, podiatrist , orthotitics, hospital , gp on friday.

been on mxt for nearly a year now 15mg but went on 20 mg 2months ago alt in blood been fine on15mg but got a shock of my life last week when doc rang fron hospital to stop meds as alt in blood test was 230 should be 30. Beside myself thought my liver was wrecked anyway has come down to 185 still too high dont no why this has happened , dont drink so not that. help

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  • Your liver is a very resilient organ & is good at repairing itself given half a chance.

    The most likely cause of high liver function tests is the increase in your methotrexate - that's why the doctor wants you to stop it for now, to give your liver a rest. MTX can be quite hard on it - that's why they advise you to drink little or no alcohol.

    Most likely, they'll keep an eye on it with blood tests & make a decision about restarting MTX (and at what dose) once your ALT has come down.

  • Love the cat, I've got one just the same - called - "blackie". Also have another called Molly.

    Hope you start to feel a lot bettervery soon. Take care. Babs x

  • Mine has been 1000 and lately up in to the high 500s I don;t drink either it is from medication, which I have now stopped. It is high but don't panic, it should come down again. Maybe your body is adjusting to the dose, if it doesn't they will reassess how much or what you take. You will be ok.

  • Thanks for reasurrence going for another bloods tomo

  • Hopefully they will have come down again. I am doing the same thing at the moment. My liver was damaged by erythromycin (antibiotic) nearly 4 years ago, so every time I try a new med now it is touch and go. This time was touch and at last count my liver was 546 down form 599. So at least we are travelling in the right direction :)

  • I had to come off mtx for same reason. Rheumys vary, my old one wanted me to stay on a lower dose. I found that it had been protecting my knees with

    OA. So there needs to be caution

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