New to the site, diagnosed last year with ra , this time last year I was energetic working hard , doing my house up and gardening etc, now on meth and just about coping with my job . Not sure if in the right job , not sure if doing more harm than good although I enjoy what im doing I deliver tourism leaflets all over the north west to tourist places end that meens lifting very heavy boxes at times which is playing havoc on my joints anyone else in the same sit

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  • RA is a big change and the challenge is to find a level of activities that don't make your symptoms worse. It is very much trial & error. Good luck! Cheers Doreen

  • You may have to find different ways of working!

  • Hi. There's always a way around things you learn different way of doing things almost every thing you do will alter slightly but just remember your still you

  • Hi

    Agree with the other posters that it is important to look at what you are doing and try to find a different way of doing things so that it does not affect your joints so badly. If it is possible, talk to your employer about getting some advice from an occupational health therapist who could advise on lifting, suggest perhaps packing leaflets in smaller/lighter boxes, using a trolley - these are just a few ideas off the top of my head - which could lessen the impact on your joints. In the end it may be that this job is not suitable for someone with RA and that perhaps you need to look for a different type of work. If you feel that things are becoming too difficult then you could talk to the Disability Employment Advisor at your local Jobcentre to ask for help in finding more suitable work. NRAS produce 2 very useful booklets on Work and RA which might be of interest to you - you can access these on these links -

    Best wishes


  • Hi. Also new .been on methetreate injection 20mg for a year.nearly 66 care for the a carehome. And also look after 2 of my grandchildren a couple of days a week.some days I sail through .Other days .usually after I inject .The fatigue is awfull. I have been ill on two occasions recently. One after the other seem to catch everything. And every couple of weeks the doc takes me off injection cos my white cells are low.and had a cough for 6 months just had an inhaler.don.t no why .

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