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Oxidative stress and inflammation - SOD, protandim

hi, I recently chanced upon the association of oxidative stress with inflammation in a nutrition course. I read about different therapies such as SOD, NRf2 and protandim as possible treatments for RA and i'm just curious if anyone has heard of or tried these. Here are the journals I discovered. I am always searching for information that might shed light on my bodies weirdness. anyone relate? :) - Noa

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I can't access the second, but aren't these just theoretical studies that have been trailed on cells in a Petri dish? Thankfully there's a lot of work underway on autoimmunity, some of which has already resulted in the new biologic drugs for us in the past 10-15 years, but I think it takes 20 years or so to get from research lab to high street chemist.

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I believe these are actually available for use.. not sure. I will ask my rheumy.


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