Rash !

Hi, I have had a itchy dry rash which comes & goes, but recently has got so bad it's changed . Now when it comes it is very raised red itchy and also turns very sore, unbearable!! Also have purple like hard spots ( more like little boils ) under the skin ! I went to a dermatologist last month who as prescribed loads of creams which don't seem to be working that well ! He thinks it could be psoriasis related to my RA . Does anyone else suffer ? And if so what do you recommend ? I'm going on holiday the end of July abroad !! Feel really embarrassed , the rash comes only around my ankles and my inner groin and spreads to my buttocks !!

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I have PsA but very little psoriasis these days .... until recently. I posted about it a few days ago 'Psoriasis Etc.' and the replies I got may be of interest to you.


It really sounds like you need to talk to a doc again before your holiday? Sounds annoying , bless you x


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