To bungee jump or not to bungee jump?

Now my RA is reasonably controlled with a host of meds, my friend has called my bluff and wants to book me a bungee jump (something I've always fancied doing). However, the bungee jump website says you shouldn't jump if you are not in good health. My friends and family don't think it's a good idea but I wanted to ask if anyone out there with RA has any experience of bungee jumping or attempting to jump. Am I completely mad to even consider it?

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  • MAD!!! Anyone who throws themselves from a great height attached to a glorified elastic band is more than completely mad in my books!!!

    On a more open minded note I would seriously check out your neck health and stability to ensure that the mechanism is not weakened by your RA and if you get the all clear tell your friends that you wish to make you virgin jump from the home of bungi jumping. Queenstown New Zealand.

    All the best


  • Not a good idea if you have any kind of fragility in your joints, just because of the sheer forces your body is subjected to. If you want to do some kind of adventure activity, suggest to your friend something like a tandem parachute jump.

  • I get where you are coming from.....however.....that well intentioned friend has no idea what your body is going through on a daily basis. I dare say the jump will be exhilarating but you have to think of the physical effects it has on the body.....the idea of stretching every ligament in the body, with speed verses body weight, sounds like you may be laid up for a month after with the shock your body would experience. Too much for me personally to risk as I have commitments but if your commitment free then it may be what your mind is needing.....I'm starting with Pilates lol xx

  • Thank you ... you've echoed what I really fear! I do have commitments and maybe I'll stick with Pilates! x

  • It looks like you have the answer already - Don't jump if you are not in good health. Just because your RA is well controlled, doesn't mean you can bungee jump. Think of the stress on your body and joints. Take care.

  • As someone who is also slightly mad I.e extreme sport/speed, or at least I did before RA hit, I know where you are coming from. I have to agree with the above posts and suggest you don't do it. I think it would put too much strain on your joints on the strapping to do this. Having said that when I finally got stabilised with my RA I decided to give something back to the NRAS and travelled to Lillehammer to do a sponsored bobsleigh run at the olympic site there. Pulled 5G on the turns and had a fantastic experience. So there are some things you can still do........if you really are as mad as me 😉

  • I think this is one of the funniest posts I've ever seen! Funnily enough, I have wondered whether I'll ever be able to bungee jump / parachute jump .... hell, any sort of jump really!

    I have to agree with others, if bungee jumping doesn't put your joints under huge stress, I'm not sure what does!

    Get in touch with your rheumy, assuming you trust him or her implicitly to tell it like it is. Who knows, maybe you'll get the go ahead ...... if so, please post pics! If not, perhaps you'll find another crazy challenge that your body definitely can handle.

  • P.S. how about being shot out of a cannon for an encore?

  • Hi

    I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie and when things are under control I go off roading and last year went on zip wire snowdonia. It was utterly fantastic! 80mph and the highest and longest in Europe. You need to be able to get hitched up in a horizontal position but the thrill and freedom (from disease) it provides is such a tonic. Made me feel 'normal' for the mile long minute.

    It had no effect on my joints and it did me the power of good. I would say find something less stressful on the joints but just as thrilling! Good luck!

    Caroline xx

  • Thank you so much for this ... a great idea. I'm going to look into zip wires now ... sounds like a better option and possibly just as thrilling! x

  • Excellent! Let me know if you go for it!!! C xx

  • Funnily enough, that zip line in Wales was something me and my son were looking at doing next.

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