Etanercept and life insurance

Etanercept and life insurance

Hi Everyone,

We're moving house and are having to buy life insurance . Does anyone have experience of Anti-TNFs Increasing their premiums? Our mortgage advisor filled in the form for us and didn't tell them I was on Etanercept or had high blood pressure so I'll have to contact them about it. Having RA alone increased my premium by £17 a month so I'm dreading what correcting the info will do.

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Hi Mary,

we have a list of insurers that have been used by our members in the past. If you send an e-mail to us at:

we can send you the list. Hope this helps


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Hello. The problem with not reporting health issues to the insurance company can later bite you ( or your loved ones) in the behind. An insurance company can deny your claim if they discover you had a pre-existing condition you did not report. What will happen is the insurance will basically pay out the amount you paid in premiums, thus returning the monies you paid.

Any dishonesty on your part ( not reporting health conditions is considered dishonest and in beach of your insurance contract) can void your policy. So you may think you are covered and in the end your not covered at all.

Insurance companies look for reasons not to pay, they are a billion dollar business. I wouldn't leave this because you will be working from now till death wondering if the insurance company will actually pay out to your loved ones. The peace of mind knowing your covered will be worth the few extra $$$.

I speak from experience as a daughter who got nothing when my father died.


Hi Hobbits,

Thanks, I have already spoken with Legal and General and given them the right information. Insurance may be a risk business but seemingly more so for those buying the insurance - as you rightly say insurers will always try to find to wriggle out of paying up even when everything has been declared and claims are legitimate. I want to make sure that my husband is covered and secure should I die during the term of the mortgage and have no intention of giving them any reason not to pay up. They're going to send me an updated quote and meanwhile I'll email NRAS for their list so I can at least compare rates, you never know there may be a better rate out there.

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