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Hi I have been on steroids for 3yrs I have polymyalja have just stopped taking methotrexate in April was on it for nine months. My granddaughter who I am in constant contact has just come out in spots (chicken pox). The literature I had when tKing methotrexate said you should contact them if in contact with this, do I need to now I stopped taking methotrexate. I had chicken pox when I was a child.

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If you have stopped taking MXT in April there could be a problem with your immune system Sad to say I am not a GP or Specialist. If you are still in contact with your RA Nurse, give her a call If not still under the hospital you will need to talk with your GP.

You may need to keep away from your Grand Daughter for about two weeks until her condition sorts out.



I've been taking methotrexate for 2 years, still taking it. I work in a school and last term there was an outbreak of chickenpox in our class. Like you I was concerned. I phoned my GP who said that if I had chickenpox as a child I should be ok. She gave me a blood test to confirm that I was immune to chickenpox. It helped to put my mind at ease, so maybe you could ask your GP for the same.



My grandchildren had chickenpox and I had a blood test to see whether I was immune or not, I was. Probably worth checking.



Hello there, I was told that because of taking steroids you must avoid contact with chicken pox and shingles, definitely contact your rheumy nurse or gp surgery to check. Also there is a new'ish anti viral injection to prevent chicken pox too, so your gp may decide to give you that.

Always wise to double check though for reassurance x


I asked my nurse about this at my appointment yesterday as my baby grand-daughter has been ill and initially it was thought she had chicken pox but turned out to be a virus. She said that if you suspect someone has chicken pox to stay away from them for at least two weeks, but most likely if you have had chicken pox you will be immune, but obviously no definite guarantee. She did my bloods yesterday so is checking if I am still immune, may be you could have yours tested at your next appointment too.


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