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Crashdoll you have asked a question about taking methotrexate, but I cannot contact you through the system. I am a 87 year old, long retired doctor who has had RA for almost 40 years and have been on methotrexate for probably 10 years. I stopped my methotrexate for 3 or 4 weeks at the start of the coronovirus pandemic as I was concerned that my misbehaving immune system ought not be too suppressed whilst I was at risk of coronovirus killing me. But have returned to my weekly dose. If I can help anymore, can you find a means of communicating?

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Thank you it will be nice to have a dr and fellow sufferer. xxxx

You can speak privately to another member by clicking on Chat at the top of this page

Thank you. I have replied to Froggie 70 on this subject but seem to have no means of contacting crashdoll.

How strange you cannot message me. Thank you for this. I’ll message you tomorrow.

All the medical advice from serious bodies such as the British Society of Rheumatologists is that we should continue to take our drugs unless we have symptoms of Covid-19. Perhaps this is nuanced in the over 80’s as you will be seriously more vulnerable, but it remains the official advice.

If you want to reply to Crashdoll, you can always reply to her last post two days ago.

I hesitate to suggest that the rheumatologists seem to put the joint problems ahead of things like dying from coronovirus, especially when in your 80s and 90s.

Most rheumatologists consider your all round condition once you are 70+....or in fact at any age.

If you pick up infections easily they are more likely to tell you to shield.....on the other hand, if you are more robust they are quite likely to suggest careful sole isolation is suitable.

As we keep saying ...with R.A.... two people on exactly the same medications are quite likely to be allocated into different categories.

Wow! That's a statement Robert. Do you think practises and treatments could have changed since you retired and therefore also the advice. I am concerned that people might go against current advice from their Rheumatologist. x

I hear where you are coming from ROBERT_CARMICHAEL. We know the one of the greatest risk factors for Covid19 is age. Being on methotrexate will increase your risk, not sure if you are taking anything else or have any other co-morbidities?

Sorry I could not contact you earlier I kept getting "Hmm. We're having trouble finding that site". I take prednisolone and meloxicam as well as folic acid on my non methotrexate days. I was taking sulfasalazine but decided to stop that without consulting my Rheumatologist as I am against taking drugs if at all possible after leflunamide badly damaged my sensory leg nerves about 20 years ago and I have cursed it ever since. A GP recently told me he did not "like poisoning my patients" referring to drugs

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