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Hi I've had rheumatoid arthritis for over twenty yrs I started with it when I was a teenager I have a daughter and would like another child but after havin my first child the medication wouldn't work I was on humira I'm currently on rituxmab infusions I wondered if anyone else has had children where medication stopped working afterwards due to hormones changing and if they were on ritumab or whether you have had two preganancies and the medication has been fine afterwards I'm really struggling as really want another child but worried in case the medication doesn't work again and I'm on my third tnf drug which means it's becomes limited x

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Not sure about biologic treatments as I was only on DMARD until after my pregnancies.

I was on chloroquine before I had my first child and don't think I went on to any DMARD until a while after the 2nd when I had Gold. Stopped Gold to have 3rd pregnancy (10 years after 2nd) but it was starting to loose it efficacy and was told that gold was not effective after a break. Managed without too much between 3 and 4th pregnancy (2 and a bit years) but had to stop breastfeeding 4th after 4 months to start treatment.

I don't think there has been that much research on biologics and pregnancy and would assume you would need to be off them for quite a while before attempting to conceive. You will need to have a good discussion with your consultant about your options. Farm


Hi thank u for ur message it's been really helpful to know other people are able to have children I'm waiting for an appointment to discuss this with my rheumy nurse & consultant.


I'm well past the child bearing age. All I wold say is ask your rhymmy team and ask them. Good luck which ever way it goes. I had four children before I knew what the pains were. All ever got was take this tablet rub this cream on. Take it easy and rest, lol. So I'll send you hugs and fingers crossed that you can find a way and have anther child.



I've had RA for 44 years, two children and its only been in the last 10 years drugs don't work so well. I put it down to the extensive joint destruction and lack of tolerance to certain drugs that I once took with no problems. Hope you find a solution, trial and error.


Hi Thank u for ur message can I ask if u were well with ur arthritis during both pregancies and what medication were u on before the pregnancy please .


Yes, Launaloo9, I was well during pregnancy, especially after about 18 weeks. I had no complications at all and gave birth naturally, fairly quickly, to two healthy babies 8lb 12oz & 9lb 13.5oz. The hardest part was coping with an active toddler whilst off MTX and Indometacin in order to conceive my second child, but things improved once I was pregnant. Of course, the RA symptoms came back very quickly after birth, about 6 weeks and I had to stop breast feeding and go back onto MTX & Indometacin. I took Naproxen whilst pregnant which I find isn't as effective, but safe during pregnancy. Getting enough rest was another difficult part.


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