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Immflamation cream/gel

Good morning. So n I've had a stuffed shoulder for mths now. The docs answer is to up the level of my gebapentin as I have had a cortisone inj a couple months back. The fact I can't lift a kettle without extreme pain seemed irrelevant.... I've tried freeze spray with VERY temp pain alleviation. I've tried heat pack in the microwave no reult at all except warmth. Does anybody know of a cream that may help. ...because it's driving me mad...thx

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You could try Volterol type creams, they can be purchased over the counter.

There is also a kettle that stands on its own stand. You fill it up with cups of water etc. Then when it boils you just tilt the kettle on its stand and pour the water. You can get them on Amazon or Boots or, even an Occupational Therapist




I am sorry that you are in so much pain and wondered if the information on this link may throw up some suggestions to help

Best wishes



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