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Any one who knows me will know that I posted about having something called 'blepharospasm' diagnosed and the normal treatment being Botox injections around the eyes to slow the muscle spasms down. Well this morning I had my first treatment and the differences is astronomical! I can read again, walk down the street without bumping into people -Yeah! Early days yet but long may it last! :) And as for my looks well there was never any question about how good they were before the Botox but now heads turn as I walk pass but maybe it was more due to the yellow dye around my eyes and down one cheek which the ophthalmologist forgot to point out to me before I walked out of his clinic rather than my renewed youthful looks!!! LOL :o

Dry eye issue on the side - it was questioned if I had sjogren's and if my dry eyes were too severe the treatment I had today would have been inadvisable as the Botox slows down my blinking thus exasperating the dry eyes - anyway to cut to the chase I started a high dose of flaxseed oil supplements (9000mg a day = 3 capsules with each meal) about 6 weeks ago and it has greatly reduced my dry eye symptoms down to negleble and thus only needing to continue using eye drops (hylo-forte) as required. I recommend exploring with flaxseed supplement if you are suffering with dry eyes but also recommend doing so with ophthalmologist consultation and know that such a high dose can cause tummy upset for some so look to build it up over several weeks. I asked the ophthalmologist who did my treatment today what I could do to optimise the success of my treatment and help ease my eye conditions over the long term and he said to just keep doing what I am doing re the flaxseed and using warm moist compress to relax the eyes.

Hopefully that info will give other dry eye sufferers a little hope and a new way forward.

All the best


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Hi Ali H,

Some years ago I developed a hole in my cornea due to Sjogren's Syndrome. I had 7 operations over 2 years to try to fix the problem. None worked. I had a Botox jab to try and keep my eyelid down and covering my eye. It didn't work! So they gave me an emergency op in the clinic treatment room, on a local anaesthetic. They stitched my eyelids together - very painful as although they used a whole syringe of anaesthetic, I felt every stitch. When it was over I had a neat row of soft beads to protect my eyelid skin from the stitches, and had a huge blue/black eye. I was in shock and couldn't stop shaking. Awful experience.

So glad to hear the Botox worked for you. x

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I'm pleased all went well Ali & that's great you've found you have improvement so rapidly! Shame it's not Halloween, you'd have been halfway there with the fluorescein stain!! :D


Thanks, I even watched to tonight instead of listening to it for the first time since about last May... Not missed much have I?



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