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Here I am again begging for my delivery that I am due to take in the next 6 days time, having telephoned H.A.H I was informed that it is the hospitals at fault, as they do not send a prescription, without this no meds: are arranged for delivery, so now I have to chase up either my old hospital, or my new hospital, and as my old hospital has no registered rheumy, and my new hospital may not know of me yet, I have been left stranded again. I am so sick of having to be constantly on the phone begging support, and now dreading the fact that will go back into flare-up without my injection of Cimzia I am now thinking our health service is in more than crisis, I think within a year or so it may crash altogether. Just wondering if it is within reson to inform my M.P. any advice please. frightened and frustrated. Rita xx

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Do you have the number of the rheumy nurse at your old or new hospital? As often it's the nurses who sort out sending the prescriptions to HAH not the doctors, so they're more useful. When I had a similar problem with the hospital forgetting to send the prescription to HAH I called the nurse and she sorted it out in a couple of days.

Have you moved house, or just changed hospital? Although in either case presumably you've spoken to someone about getting your hospital records send to new hospital so you can continue with Cimzia. Anyway, whoever you spoke to may also be able to help or you could try PALS. Hope you get it delivered soon.


Thankyou helixhelix, I have managed to get my old hospital to send a fax, followed by the prescription so am all set to receive my injections on Monday. I am in the process of moving my hospital, my old hospital is 17 miles away from my home, and although my new hospital is 34 miles away, they have an excellent record of rheumy, where as my old hospital can not keep a specialist for longer than 6 months, and I do not like having to keep seeing a new doctor all the time, as I find this muddies the water too much Thanks for you ideas though


I now think of this as a self service disease. I've found that you have to do a lot of it yourself or you just get forgotten.

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