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Poll push!

Hi everyone,

Could anyone who hasn't taken the current poll do us a huge favour and take it now? Ailsa our CEO is putting the data together for a presentation and needs your input asap!

We'll also be putting another one on soon which we would really appreciate you doing. Thanks for your support as always!

Kind regards,

Ruth Grosart

NRAS Digital Media Coordinator

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Hiya Ruth. I left a reply but I wasn't able to choose an option as none of them applied.

I had a lipid profile test on Monday as it was one of the tests required to see if I was ok to continue on etoricoxib long term. Obviously I still can't vote as my reason for having it done isn't listed, but in this instance if Ailsa wishes to add "other" for her pie chart by all means add my vote if it will help.


Hi nomoreheels,

Thank you I'll pass on your comment to Ailsa.

Hopefully you can take part in the next one!

Kind regards,



Thank you.