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Hi guys had sulfosalizine added In to the mix last month as my RA is aggressive and my methotrexate is wiping me out. Feeling worse though at the mo and not sure if I want to drop my methotrexate to 10mg only to have another drug added in. An also on hydroxychloroquine.

I'm so tired and my eyes are really puffy which has just started.

Can anyone help? I feel so bogged down with the toxic drugs I can't see the wood for the trees.

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Not sure if you know but this is called triple therapy. Your Rheumy's introduced sulfasalazine in a attempt to get your RD under control. Unfortunately RD is a complex disease & it's often necessary to try different meds & mixes before the right combination is found. I was 3 years into treatment before mine were & I'm now controlled but it was worth the wait! My body's decided to replace the pain with another disease now & not sure how I'd have coped how I am at the mo with uncontrolled RD as well lol!!

We tend to blame fatigue on the meds we take but generally it's the best indication our RD isn't well controlled. I'd try pacing yourself more & give the meds a chance to work as your body's fighting mechanism has probably gone into overdrive which I would think is why you feel as you do.

Have you had a recent eye test? I only ask as you say your eyes are puffy & HCQ can affect the eyes & it could be an indication of something going on. It may be a good idea to ask your GP about them if you feel it's not due to your fatigue. HCQ affected mine & made them sensitive to light & really scratchy & dry. I had to regularly use comfort drops & gave up wearing contact lenses in the end.

If you're worried I'd have a word with your GP & explain how you're feeling to see if he thinks he could help get you through this stage. You don't say if you're taking an NSAID but maybe that could help.

Hope this helps & you start to feel the benefit of your meds soon.


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