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RunKeeper App to monitor walking exercise

No I'm not suggesting we all run, but its a free app that can monitor your walking.

The great feature is it can warn you when you have walked every, say, 250 metres or a time like 3 minutes. Then you won't push yourself too far and you know when its sensible to head back home.

Here is my log:

BTW: Daughter uses it for 5k and 10k runs, she is doing a half marathon to raise money for NRAS.



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My sister gave me a fitbit, which is like a clip on pedometer, and monitors steps and speed and flights of stairs etc and transmits to my iPad. I quite like it as does encourage me to go for a walk and earn my daily badge. The only downside is that she gave me & other sister one and does sometimes crow about her huge achievements compared to my tiny ones.


Thanks I've just downloaded it I'll try it tomorrow as I have today as a rest day, hope you are all doing ok x


Thank you for the link. I ad just started jogging when found I had RA and my knee could not take the running I wanted to do. So pleased to find your link though. Now this will give me the confidence to start up walking instead. Carol


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