I suffered from mild chickenpox and now my RA Factor is 26 IU/ml (range- 0-20 IU/ml) and I have been diagnosed with R/O Rh Arthritis.Help ?

I suffered from mild chickenpox and now my RA Factor is 26 IU/ml (range- 0-20 IU/ml) and I have been diagnosed with R/O Rh Arthritis.Help ?

I'm only 15. My weight is 70 kg but I'm not fat as my height supplements that. Severe knee pain (in both knees) started the very day red itchy spots of Chickenpox appeared. Chickenpox (mild) is almost treated now but the severe knee pain still persists. Now the doctor has started medication for Rh Arthritis.

Will this lasts for a really long time and stop me from playing or running or is this going to last just for a couple of weeks ? Please help, I'm only 15 and this is so much for me. On Friday (6/6/14) I was great and then the next morning my knees are like this. What should I do? Is this just because of chickenpox and would go away in a week ?

My RA Factor is 26 ? What should I do to lower this ?

I miss badminton and running ? When will I be alright ?

Doctor has prescribed for 14 days

Enflam MR 1 tab twice daily

PANTOPRAAZ DSR 1 cap once daily


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It may well be that you have reactive arthritis that has been triggered by the chicken pox, and while horribly painful it will go away. Or you may have a permanent condition. Only your doctor can tell you so you do need to ask them. But whichever it is with modern drugs it can be manageable and you can live a normal life. Don't get too alarmed by some of the stories on here or on the internet generally as we tend to be the people with the worst type of disease, and there's lots of variation.

A good site to look at is as it's trustworthy - some of the other sites are rubbish.

But the most important thing is to take the drugs you've been prescribed properly and give them a chance to work. There may well be days where you feel fine, and you're tempted not to bother, but most of them work best when taken continually.

It must be scary getting this at 15, but you're doing well to ask questions straight away so it sounds like you're strong person and will manage.


Thank you sir you have really boosted my confidence. I will take the medication as prescribed. Is RA Factor 26 too much ?

I really hope and believe that its reactive because it started with chickenpox itself. One day I was totally fine running, playing and the next day arthritis I don't get it.


The Rf factor is only just above normal, but don't think too much about it as it doesn't necessarily follow that the higher it is the worse you'll be. But I hope your doctor has referred you to a Rheumatologist as what you've been given so far is treatment to bring the inflammation down and you may need longer term treatment. If not, then do ask your doctor why not. (Oh and I'm a woman, not a man!)

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Thank you...


I'm pretty impressed that you already know so much about your blood results and the possible connection between chicken pox and the arthritis you are experiencing. You are obviously very clued up but as you are only 15 I think doctors are very likely to respond for any requests you make for help or more information. In other words I'm saying play the 'I'm only 15 and I'm confused!' card!

You've had some great advice here but why not ask for an appointment with your GP and tell him or her that you are feeling worried and have a few questions. Some GPs offer double-length appointments so you may be able to get one of those, you really deserve a little time to talk to him or her. And make a list of questions before you go if needs be, including about any upcoming appointment with a rheumatologist.

Try not to be scared, as helixhelix says, if you have reactive arthritis it should go away. And if you do have another form of arthritis, then many people get on very well. Those who are now so well that they're playing badminton and running and partying again don't have time to come on forums like this so we don't hear about them!

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Hello and welcome! I agree with everyone here. Rheumatoid factor 26 is slightly elevated and reactive arthritis would mean that it is arthritis caused by an infection, hence being reactive. You can call Nras, they have a Helpline and I'm sure that they would be very happy to have a good chat with you. So please don't hesitate to ring them. You're doing well and doing the right thing in wanting to know more. I also agree that this website may show things as being worse. The people who are doing well usually don't use this website and they are the majority. You take care and please keep up informed!!


Hiya, I had chicken pox and it took a lot if getting over!! Think chat with NRAS and your doctor so you can find out if they think your joint pains are defo due to the chicken pox or not firstly. When I'm getting over a nasty virus I don't even feel like playing sports... More like slobbish and eating ice cream do I think you need to be kinder to yourself and realise that at the moment you are just recovering from a nasty serious illness. But the docs will help if the joint pains stay for a bit, I was sore for a few month after my chickenpox.

I'm sure as well that the hospital will have plenty of 15 year olds with joint pains they might let you talk too. But first step moscato try to find out if it's just a reaction up the pox ( reactive arthritis) or a longer term problem . But both can be managed ! Keep strong babe , summer Hols are close x



sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell. You are welcome to give us a call (call charges permitting, I do not know where you are in the world but we are a UK based charity), but because of your age we would only be able to signpost you to organisations that deal with under 16s. I have put some links below to organisations that do deal with people of your age and I hope that you find these useful:

Children's Chronic Arthritis Association:

Arthritis Care:


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


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