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Stopping mtx

Hi guys .. Well I've been to see my new consultant today and he has allowed me to stop the dreaded mtx..I am sero posItive RA and have been on mtx for 3 years and recently injection form because of tummy troubles. I still couldn't get on with it (but injection was better than oral) was all making me v anxious as I felt nauseous most weeks on and off.

He has told me because I'm on embrel he may start me back on sulfasalazine which I was on before the embrel, and reintroducing this with a biological is better than embrel on its own however for the next few months he will see how I do on just the embrel.

Apparently biologics have better results for sero positive RA even on their own. (Than sero neg) Can anyone else relate to all of this? Just so relieved to not have to take mtx YAY! , just hope he knows what he's doing as I don't want any further joint damage.. TT

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Hello, sorry I missed this (new format means I'm not seeing everything straight away). I have sero negative RD rather than sero positive but am taking Enbrel without a DMARD as I failed 3 DMARDS and Enbrel is stalling the joint damage as well as reducing inflammation. (I had an ultrasound scan four months after starting it which showed this improvement. And the last time I'd had an US on the hands the rheumy said it was the worst inflammation she'd seen on a scan that month). So it is making a difference and preventing further joint damage. Hopefully someone else can answer the sero positive & Enbrel question, but I can relate to having Enbrel on its own and it being effective. All the best.


Thank you francherry for your reply. I realise this is quite a complex post so I'm guessing I may not get that many replies. With the complexity if this disease, comes along convoluted questions needing unique answers as we all react differently to drugs.

As far as I'm concerned all our drugs are nothing short of a miracle except when they give you nasty side effects, then it's a balancing act...I'm sure its a question of suck it and see mainly. Just mighty glad to know that I won't get the nausea due to mtx, anymore for now,, Thanks again and I'm really glad that you seem well on the embrel TT X


Hi there tessthomy,

I'm in exactly the same position as you drugs wise, I've been on Enbrel for 1 year and was on MTX for 3 years. I recently stopped taking MTX because it was affecting my eyesight, under supervision of rheumatology and my GP of course.

I'm lucky enough to have no problems with the Enbrel injections at all, but I did have some tummy problems with MTX too. Anyway, my ESR (inflammation levels) have gone down to the lowest level since being diagnosed. My thoughts are that Enbrel works better for me on it's own ?

Like you I am relieved not to be taking MTX anymore, although the thought of more damage to my joints concerns me a bit. But if ESR is lower so this shouldn't be happening ,I hope.

I hope you do as well as me without MTX. Take care, June xx

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Thank you June. That's really made me feel better, I'm like you as in embrel causes me no obvious problems and works well, so hopefully this wil long continue for us both without the dreaded mtx! My next appt is in October when my consultant says he will re start sulphasalazine. Are you sero positive? Xx


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