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Stills disease ,

My husband has just been diagnosed with still disease , all though he has the rash which stay for weeks he never has a hight fever , could this be miss diagnosed , he is so out of breath when he does ant thing.

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Hi sorry to hear this but what is still disease I've never heard of it...was just curious...x


Unfortunately I've never heard of Stills disease. Are you asking if maybe he's been misdiagnosed & that it's Rheumatoid Arthritis he's suffering from?



I think stills disease is very rare in adults and I would assume your husband has had lots of tests to come to this diagnosis?

It occurs sometimes in children and is a type of JIA .......juvenile arthritis.

I can't imagine he would have been given this diagnosis unless they were fairly sure, however I think the prognosis is often good as it can sometimes just resolve itself.

If it is stills and he needs treatment I think it's similar drugs to RA.

You always have the option of a second opinion if you are in doubt. X


You might be interested in this link about adult onset stills disease. xx

It says to contact your doctor if you have breathing problems.


Hi Chas I agree with the others. I feel the blood tests will show the differences of Stills disease as they are slightly different to RA bloods. Hang on in there with him and keep talking to your doctors. As the symptoms and treatment as you say are very similar to RA , you both will get answers And support on here too. Thinking of you x


There was a very good article about adult Stills in an NRAS magazine a few years ago. You could look it up perhaps? It is a very rare form of RA I believe.


Hello everyone, I have Adult onset DIsease, I was diagnosed at the beginning of 2010, after a lot of tests, also diagnosed with Addisons Disease. I have had loads of different medication, as some have clashed with others. I was in hospital for 6mths, before I was allowed home.

I suffer with breathlessness, painful knees, and salmon pink rash.

I take Embrel, Fosteo, Quinoric, and Rose hip suppliment, Tradal.

I wish you well, always make a list of questions you want answered by your doctor.

I am lucky that I have 2 great consultants, apparently there's only another 3 people with both of my Diseases in the country.

Wish you all the best Ann



My dad was diagnosed with AOSD in September 2013 and pericarditis 3 years ago! We live in Aberdeen Scotland, He is now back in hospital with a infection and a low white blood cell count, I believe the doctors are doing all they can and am trying to understand the disease the best I can to help my dad. I am at work at the moment and I will study the forum better later. There so little information to help!

What has been the best medications?? My dad has been granted funding for a certain infusion ( Ill put the correct name up later) has anyone heard of this?? whats the pros and cons as my dad is concerned.


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