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Has anyone been diagnosed with RA with no real symptoms?


I was diagnosed in Jan 2014 following the removal of nodules in both feet (severe erosion) and now take 15mg MTX and 10mg Folic acid but haven't really had any RA symptoms as such, tiredness yes and perhaps a feeling of being not 100% but definitely no pain. My Rheumatologist thinks that I have a very high pain threshold! I'm really frustrated as I feel nauseous, have headaches and feel tired for at least couple of days after MTX when I used to feel ok. All my research refers to joint swelling and pain....

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Hi Kat07, I was taking MTX and also felt sick all the time was the changed to injection form but sadly my hair started to fall out sorry not trying to worry you. As for treating you with no real symptoms they are doing their best to try and stop the RA in its tracks before you do start to have problems. xxx hope you start to feel better and don't be afraid to ask for different treatment should your side affects not subside. xx


Hi Kat,

I have psoriatic arthritis but I also have very little pain so I can see where you're coming from. I gather that most people with PsA have quite a lot of pain and therefore I've often wondered about the diagnosis too.

My rheumy is very good I think and he doesn't bat an eyelid at my lack of pain. Instead he asks where I have 'odd sensations', which is how I describe what I do feel. I've heard it said that pain is not particularly helpful diagnostically. Obviously it has to be taken into account, but it's not always a good indicator of what exactly is going on because some health problems can be very serious without pain and vice versa.

Over time I've learned not to question what my lack of pain means, but just to appreciate how lucky I am. However I think that it's important to tell your rheumy your concerns because, reading between the lines, it sounds as if you are questioning whether you should really be taking Mtx and whether it's worth putting up with the tiredness and nausea. As you have erosions, it sounds like you definitely need something to protect your joints but you also deserve to know exactly how your rheumy is thinking and possibly whether there are other treatment options.

Thanks Bazzypants and postle :-)

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