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I suffer with Fibromyalgia, arthritis, regional pain syndrome, restless legs syndrome, carpel tunnel, b12 defiency, irritable bowel


And on lots of medication but really dont feel so good also awaiting knee replacment when time. My doctors are really good but just keep me on same tablets so I have been told to claim pip bit like dla but 7 mths on still awaiting outcome, just wondered if anyone has same problems.

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Hi there as I have said to others this time frame of six months or more sadly seems to be the norm, ive read lots of posts on here saying the same thing. They have a large back log of claims and it appears to be because of the transition from DLA to this PIP. hope you get sorted with it soon but your not alone xxxxxxxxxxx

Thankyou for your response . Im new to p.ip but I dont think I will be awarded it anyway as lots of pple who really need it have been turned down.xx

OMG with what you have going on I think your a true candidate for it, and I cant see why you wouldn't get it if you are turned down appeal you must as with most people they don't appeal and that's what they hope for I think that you wont bother. I don't think you will have a problem thou keep me posted would be interested in your outcome.xxxxx

Thankyou for your kind words and what I have in minor compared to others but thankyou and will update x

Hi Rachel in my experience DLA Is a very long process. The only advice I can give is stick with it. Mine has been going on since November 2012 long story but February this year finally got awarded low rate care.

rachel2014 in reply to Sharon56

Thankyou Sharon ...wow that is along time. Im glad you finally got your dla award through.....app today p.i.p have sent report to dwp 2 weeks ago so they still cant say time scale as now report sits with dwp. X

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