Not sure of what I have

Well had my latest review from respiratory clinic, my latest c/t scan was not conclusive so I will need another one oh joy, i have just finished my third or fourth bout of chest infection since the beginning of the year it seems my lung has scaring on it as well as having nodes so my lung is not doing too well at the moment. Now I have to fill a number of spit bottles question is what has this got to do with my unknown diagnoses .please can someone tell me what I have for an illness. At the moment I'm just an auto immune person.

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Hello Jennie

What meds do you take, some cause the above problems, like MTX



i do take MTX Bob, I did say to my respiratory Specialist about stopping the MTX but she said not to as it could set of something else which may be worse.


Poor you.

I had a year of visits to the Resp Specialist. They weren't sure whether my chest and lung problems were caused by RA; caused by MTX, caused by something else, or "just late onset Asthma".

I had so many tests and scans, until they ruled out everything except Asthma. So I went for Asthma breathing tests, where they make you inhale sugary dusty stuff, and sure enough, I have Asthma, at my age! (over 60!)

So now I have inhalers on my repeat prescription list along with everything else!!

So, patience I am afraid. They will work it out eventually.


Hello, I'm afraid I can't say what you have and hope that you get answers soon but just wanted to share this in case it is helpful. Last year I kept getting lung infections & having to have antibiotics to treat them. Had around 7 lung x-rays but could be more because I lost track. Was breathless, had a persistent cough and felt like my lungs were 'flat', as well as (this is unpleasant, sorry!) coughing up copious amounts of phlegm. I was having panic attacks on top of this but the GP didn't take it seriously. Originally they said it was asthma but I was convinced it was something else. On the 5th visit to GP I was desperate and asked for a referral to a chest doctor at the hospital. Had a CT scan and it showed bronchiectasis. Was relieved to finally have a diagnosis. Good luck with the next scan and other tests. All the best, Fran


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