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My liver function has always been stable, but in the red for 5 years ? I have a fatty liver and a gall stone apparently.

I take methotrexate

GPS and consultant happy to leave it ?

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Sorry don't know about the consultant but what's the sat nab got to do with it?! Sorry rubbish joke! I do think though you need to discuss this with the docs as they know your blood test results etc . So good luck and hope it gets sorted soon. I had a gall bladder out before I found out about RA , in the old fashioned method. Apparently now it's much easier and keyhole if u need the surgery , good luck Axx


Doh, the joke was Sat Nav! Wasn't that funnee anyway xx



These medications can cause real problems with liver and kidneys, I have been on medications now for thirty years. and now they need to only give a reduced dose of MXT of 10mg by injection

If you are not happy, with medications you should always discuss your fears with your GP, RA nurse or Specialist

All the best



I have had liver issues for 12 years; way before RA raised it's ugly head. They did a biopsy and found no fatty liver, however when I lost weight and cut my carb intake way down, the liver tests were normal. When I protested that it was very hard to live without bread, noodles, rice, and sweets, the rheumy asked how badly I want to save my liver. If the sugar number comes down, so does the liver number. He isn't my favorite doc but he is the only one who solved my liver mystery. Good luck with your liver problem.



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