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Employment? #catch22

Does anyone know of an employer who would be fair about taking on an employee with RA? As iv heard stories of employess getting help to stay in work however not so many about going to work, if I'm honest about my health I will get overlooked for a candidate that won't need support but its against the law I'm told to not discloses my health problems.

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Hi, maybe you could talk to NRAS, I think they have lots of information about returning to work and your legal rights. I currently work for 30hrs a week. I had 2 months of sick prior to starting medication but once my medication kicked in I felt a lot better. My sick record has been as good as anyone else. the only time I have had off which is RA related is medical appointments.

I think you do have to disclose but you should be given as equal chance as anyone else so try and be positive and focus on the good things you can bring to the job. Good luck.


I used to work full time in admin but since getting RA I've decided part time is all I can manage. I lost my job shortly before diagnosis so was very worried about securing something new with RA. When I went for my job (sales) the application form didn't ask about health conditions so I had no need to mention it. It did have a question which asked if I suffered "any medical condition which prevented me carrying out the normal duties required to do the job", I answered no as I believe I am fully able to carry out normal duties. I mentioned that I have rheumatoid arthritis to the manager but like most people he had no idea what it meant and assumed it was the usual aches and pains which everyone gets. Normally I'd expand on what it means to have RA but in this instance I believe ignorance worked in my favour. I've been in my job several months now and have increased awareness of my condition but as they can see I can do my job well it hasn't been a problem. I do refuse to lift heavy stock but offer to do other jobs instead. Best of luck in finding a job. x x


It can act in your favour. Equal opportunity employers have to show they are not discriminating against disabled people so if you put it on the application form it can help you get an interview. Once in the interview you can talk your way into the job (hopefully!)


Thanks for your replies and advice, I'm going to be more positive and keep trying.


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