How long for a Cimzia to work ?

Hiya just had a call from the fairy biologic godmother , Cimzia is being delivered Wednesday and god not a minute too soon literally agony and can't walk until about lunch time , feet and ankles really painful literally feel as though they've been run over :(( . Am off work at mo for obvious reasons can anybody tell me roughly when Cimzia is starting to work or when I should feel some relief ? Thankyou lovely people hope you are all doing as well as possible Claire xx

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  • Everyone is different. I felt a different kind of tingling in some joints the day after and had noticed an improvement in a couple of weeks.

    I hope you get quick response too.

  • My lovely claire YOU ARE GOING TO BE JUST FINE !!!! Come on positivity !!!! Stop that worrying right now like our lovely friends have just said,within a couple of weeks you should feel a difference YIPPEE !!!! Now restore all ur energy and chill as you WILL be about and about in no time :))))) love you xxx

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