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Moving Forward

So, went to see my consultant on Monday as really been struggling recently. My wrists have been a massive problem and are now restricting me at work. Have been sent to occupational health who are now restricting what kind of work I am allowed to do.

Anyway, have finally agreed to take methotrexate which I will hopefully start next week. Have been lucky enough to avoid taking it up until now, but feel that its time to more forward. Now just have to hope that it makes a difference!! Have also been offered a steroid injection into my right wrist, but am not quite brave enough to go through with it yet - being a bit of a wimp if I am honest!!!!

On a more worrying note, have just heard from my closest friend who had an ortho appointment today. She has developed a number of swollen areas on her feet which her GP has been putting down to osteoarthritis. The specialist she saw today however feels it is more likely to be RA. Am very worried for her, she is only 32, has two young children and i just don't want her to go through all of the crap that comes with RA. Am keeping everything crossed that they have got it wrong.

Lastly, am having a real problem putting a photo on my profile, any handy hints from anyone?

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Hi Emma

I have been on methotrexate a few years and find it does help. And luckily I don't get any side effects from it.

I have had steroid injections in my knee in the past, but I found it only helped for a couple of weeks, and the last one I had didn't seem to have any effect. But I know they work for some.

Fingers crossed for your friend, I wouldn't wish RA on anyone!

Are you trying to put a photo on using your phone?

Only I couldn't work out how to do it, but when I went on my laptop it worked no probs.

Hope you wrists soon improve, hopefully the change in duties will help.



Emma, I'm glad you made that decision to go ahead with the MTX. As is the case with most of us, it will make a difference. Eventually you may even be able to go back to your previous duties at work. Think positive, give it plenty of time to do its thing.

I strongly suggest going directly to the injection form of MTX. it works faster, and has very little, usually no, side effects. Can't hurt to ask. I recently heard the Pharmaceutical company will phase out the oral tablets, atleast here in the US.

Best of luck for you. Loret xx


Thanks for that, its interesting to hear your opinion. I have finally been given a specialist nurse who I see in a couple of weeks time, will ask her about it when we meet xxx


Hi I am glad you and your doctor have decided to move your treatment forward. I really hope in a few months you will really feel the difference and start to improve and become pain free. And your friends experience it just shows that young people can also unfortunately get our RA. At least what ever she has she has a good friend who has experience of the pain she feels. Xx


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