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DIAZEPAN over painkillers?

left wrist badly flared up at the moment, paracetamol not touching it asked doc if i could have some painkillers said co codimol told him these made me itch before, so asked for ibrufin told me i am not allowed these because of MTX told him i have trouble sleeping at moment because of pain, so he prescribed diazepan bit weary of these but will try, has any one else had problems with these, been told thay can be addictive.

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I take codeine if really bad with paracetamol, although still having trouble sleeping because I wake up in pain. I also take celebrex which is a type of ibuprofen but without the side effects. (Cox 2 inhib) I was prescribed this by hospital rhummy and have had no problems with side effects, but I must not take ibuprofen or anything with ibuprofen in the drug ie cold remedies


thanks for the reply ozzy, very interesting about not being able to take ibuprofen, i was only told about this by the doctor yesterday he showed me on his computer list of drugs not to take while on MTX , why was i not informed about this before when diagnosed witch was nearly 2 years ago strange me thinks because i have occasionly taen these ,o well i know now.


I am unable to take Ibuprofen or any of that 'family of drugs' due to IBS-D, also Co-Codimol which gave me horrific nightmares.

Yes diazepam can be addictive but I love them! For the simple reason they send me off to cloud cuckoo land, everyone around me can do what they like. I only request these when times are really bad, otherwise I use the following dependant on pain thresholds:

1 - Paracetamol x 2

2 - Co-drymol x 2

3 - Tramadol x 2 + Parcetamol x 2

Most days now it's paracetamol, if I am going out I always take co-drymol before I go as I have found it will help me to 'go that bit further' before I can feel the pain, although I will have felt the 'lumpy' feet far longer than the pain.

I hope this helps. xx


Hi Wolves,

I have had Diazepam for pain, mainly because it is also works as a relaxant and when the muscles were simply so tense because of the pain, it did work its magic. If you check with your GP/pharmacist they will tell you all about it. And yes it is a very addictive medication.... I do hope it is working for you and your pain has eased



Hi yes it is good for muscle pain,, but if used carefully and Gps are v cautious they can be great, I Had bad neck and shoulder spasm for three weeks but after two 2mg diazepam it had gone!! try not to use more than one or two a day and you wont have any problems with addiction, I ask for a small number for bad spasms but only once a year, and because after taking a few I have a few no left if it happens again.


hi summer32 thanks for reply, doc has prescribed 5mg diazepan take one when required, will try one tonight before bed, put me on the box for rest of week to,


I have had diazepam intermittently over the last five years or so as an additional med. It can be really good as a mild muscle relaxant, so helps with pain that way. Yes, it can be horribly addicting, and also you can get habituated to it, so need increasing doses over time - but thats really only if you are taking it regularly and long term. I find as long as I only take it intermittently, then 2 mg still does the same job. I did get up to 5 mg doses 5 years ago when I was taking it more often (as I had really bad muscle spasms), but I'm back down to 2mg again.

I'd say don't worry about it if you are only taking it occasionally. If it gets to the point where you are needing it every day, or you find you need more than you have been prescribed, then talk to your doctor about whether there are better meds for you to take.


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