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Do I need to do anything to get my daily e-mails?

I thought from the original notification that the site would be down for a few hours Tuesday am and then it'd all be back up and running bigger, better, faster, etc. Not had a daily email update since Monday and the site doesn't seem to remember me any more so I have to enter my details and log in every time I look on the site. Is this just a glitch or a sad example of improvements that prove to be anything but? Any hints gratefully received x

PS - any idea why the preview showed a tag added? An info e-mail from HealthUnlocked detailing changes and what they mean to us etc wouldn't go amiss

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Hi,click on your profile and go into account and tick the boxes,As far as I know HU haven't activated the notification e/mails yet,think they are waiting until all the *blips*are sorted. Beth x


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