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I have had Psoratic R.A. For 4 yrs. very painful indeed . 6 months ago I decided to give up coffee ----my Psorisis is so much better .Two months ago I bought a book ' eat to beat Arthritis ' by Margaret Patten and Jeannette Ewin.

I have given up wheat and all citrus fruits which has enabled me to really reduce my tablets .i also bought a magnetic braclett last November about £40 this too has helped to reduce the pain .

Well worth a read . Do hope this helps someone.

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Hi - I have read her book and decided that I would not be able to sustain the strict regime- slimy love fruit and vegetables way too much. I am delighted it is working for you and I know it does for many others. Have you considered going to her workshops? I am going to wait till my RA is in remission then start looking at dietary options as well as more natural therapies.

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on over the coming months

Gentle hugs



What other medication are you taking as well as the diet? I don't drink coffee or eat citrus fruits my PsA is still bad unless i take the correct medication.


I take Naproxin --pianofortem 55


A sideway question, do you play the piano? If yes, at which level?

How do yours hands cope?


i'm agreeing with you on this one! i used to love my coffee but now i can barely keep two cups down! i had to change my brand and add sugar and cream because if i don't i'll vomit it back up imedietly - i cant give it up - but i cant stomach it like i used to!

if my morning coffee still tastes awful with cream and sugar i know i'm going to be in agony for the next few days.

grapefruit is evil - i cant drink it at all but orange juice isnt to hard to stomach but i've got to take it easy with it or i'll get joint (especially my hand joints) and stomach pains but i need vitamin c from somewhere so i'm going to drink it.

wheat - bread doesnt affect my joints but i've noticed that it affects my scalp psoriasis - especially the wholegrain varierty. i avoid bread as much as possible but sometimes i get those days when the cravings are too much but as long as its not something im gorging on daily i can eat bread. i very rarely eat pasta - usually only if i've been too unwell to get out of the house or its a big bill week and i'm reduced to surviving on the emergency dry pantry food which i keep in!

i'm okay with tomatoes and potatoes (potato seems to be one of the only things i can stomach these days! but i've heard they can effect some people - interestingly some people use lemon juice in a concoction to help alkali their body so some citrus fruits even help some people! increasing the alkalicidy of the body sometimes helps some people reduce inflamation and pain but they wont cure the disease - they can only dampen it at the best..

if food exclusion works for some people thats great -im glad it helps you but strict diets are going to be very hard for a lot of people, i also have urticaria and the list of high histamine foods i tried to exclude was impossible to avoid - i found out a few months ago that its a rarer type of urticaria (autoimmune) so avoiding high histamine food wouldnt make much difference.

again, i'm glad it works for you - your one of the lucky ones!


Hi there,

I read your comments with great interest because you are the only person I've heard mention Urticaria. I had my first bout of urticaria 27 years ago and it got progressively worse as the years went on.

I tried all sorts of exclusion diets over the years because, like you I had real problems with my tummy. I found that dairy was causing me a lot of flares as well as 1st class protein from some types of meat, particularly beef. A nice juicy steak was a complete no-no for me because it brought on a rash within 10 minutes. I also found that I was perfectly fine with organic free range chicken, but the cheaper indoor bred chicken really upset my tummy and as well as rashes. I put this down to the fact that indoor bred chickens are injected with all sorts of drugs to keep them disease free as they live in such close proximity to each other.

I also found that my intolerance to dairy was helped by using Lacto-free milk, which I still use.

Throughout the years it was clear to me that the tummy problems coincided with the skin rashes and was part and parcel of the same problem, but it was never proved because there wasn't enough known about this type of auto-immune disease.

Eventually, I was referred to an Immunology specialist because I had developed Angeodema which is the internal side of Urticaria, swelling of lips and eyes. The specialist got everything under control for me, and eventually diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis, which like everyone else, I was really shocked and upset about to begin with..

The only good bit about having RA is that my Urtcaria/Angeodema has totally disappeared. I suppose the immune system is very complex and starts to attack different parts of the body, so I guess mine suddenly decided to attack my joints instead of my digestive system.

I hope what I have written hear is some benefit to you rattusrattus, and anyone else who is in the same boat. Wishing everyone a bright and sunny Sunday :-) June xx


hello, can you tell me which diet they advise in this book? is it wheat and dairy free? I am quite interested. thanks


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