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Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week: Day 3 = volunteer network

Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week: Day 3 = volunteer network

It’s day three of Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week and today we are focussing our attention on the volunteer network, a part of NRAS that many people consider to be the beating heart of the organisation, where we have an active presence in local communities all across the country.

NRAS has 38 groups across the UK, all of which are run by volunteers and supported by the Volunteer Network. By meeting together in a group setting, those people affected by rheumatoid arthritis are able to find out more about their disease and learn about what support and information is available. By sharing experiences, people can learn from one another.

Today, these groups are out spreading the word about rheumatoid arthritis in their communities. In GP surgeries, hospitals, libraries, pharmacies and shops all over the UK, information stands are being held to educate people about rheumatoid arthritis, teaching them about the signs and symptoms so that others can recognise the disease more readily.

To find out more about what is happening in your area today, or any other day this week, visit our Google Events Map. If you’re hosting an event, or just happen to be at one then let us know, send a photograph –

For more information about NRAS groups and to find one in your local area please follow the link:

Of course volunteering with NRAS is not limited to the groups, there are many other opportunities available. These are just some of the activities volunteers can choose from to support others living with RA:

- Give telephone support by being a part of our Telephone Support Network. As we mentioned yesterday, we’re still recruiting for volunteers so please take the time to complete this from and register your interest:

- Distribute information about NRAS and rheumatoid arthritis to doctors surgeries and their rheumatology unit, keep posters up to date and literature stands replenished

- Create awareness of the disease through informing others and acting as media spokespeople

- Participate in rheumatology service planning with local Rheumatology teams, Health Authorities, the ARMA (Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance) Network and other professional bodies

- Assist the medical profession through participating in surveys, research and training medical personnel

- Initiate local fundraising for NRAS

- Further any of the charity's campaigning aims by speaking to your politicians

As a small charity with a large reach, NRAS relies heavily on the work of our volunteers. If you’d like to find out more, then please follow the link:

We were busy yesterday publishing lots of new things. Did you see the video that we created telling the story of one person’s rheumatoid arthritis journey? Katy’s Journey is just one story, but we think it’s a powerful one.

We also published a storyboard showing another person’s RA journey:

Please do share these and help spread the word about RA, and also let us know what you think.

We were pleased to see that our report featured in yesterdays Daily Express and Primary Care Today which both had articles on the importance of early diagnosis. This follows on from our feature in the Sunday Post with one of our supporters appearing in an article on the impact RA can have on someone’s life.

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I recently became a telephone volunteer and i found it very satisfying to talk to someone with RA , why not go for it xx


I signed up yesterday too x


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