Research into arthritis

Research into arthritis

We have been asked to put forward three or four people to a journalist who is writing a magazine article on research into arthritis. Ideally what they need is someone who is young but has been severely affected by RA as they want to demonstrate just how debilitating the disease can be and therefore why research is needed.

The interview would be done over the phone and should not take too long. If anyone would like to take part then please do get in touch:

As always, this is a terrific opportunity to get RA in the media and help raise the profile of the disease. To make these stories more interesting however, we need case studies that make the story more personal.

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  • Dear Andrew,

    Not sure how young young is, but I'm 42, am female.My last 5 das scores are 5-6.8, disease very active, plus I'm no longer at work. I'd be happy to become involved if I meet criteria that the journalist is looking for.

  • I will email you now Andrew very interested as RA has really debilitated me, I have to use a wheelchair to get about, need help and care daily, and have lost my job.


  • I'd be willing - but am too old? I'm 56 and was diagnosed when I was 2 years old. I am now severely disabled.

  • I'm 25, was diagnosed in 2009. Will drop an email!

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