Even my toenails hurt!

I know the weather is nt supposed to have any effect on us, but the rain yesterday did seem to.

I was swollen beyond belief with joint pain everywhere, took some painkillers and went to bed for an hour in the afternoon but couldn't settle as when the cover touched my feet it the pressure made even my toenails hurt.

This is so not normal, I don't even try to explain t my family anymore, I just say "not a great a today, might be a bit better tomorrow" and hope that it s.

Today so far it is, my joints are still sore but swelling has eased a bit.

I'm used to having sausage fingers but could reall do without the same for toes!

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Poor you, mine started playing this little piggy on my toes, well they think it's funee!! Hope the rain stops u feeling rubbish, but would you mind if it rains this week as I selfishly need it dry for glasto but next week!


Lol! I'd rather it rained this week and you had a dry festival rather than a mudfest!


I use a pillow at the bottom of the bed (one of the many in the bed) to raise up my light weight silk duvet off my toes.Even the lightest cover hurts sometimes.


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