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Do others get a strange neuralgia type ache with RA? I can't explain this and wonder if I'm imagining it because I know how fast and excruciating RA can be, from recent experience, and mine is currently quiet again on that front I'm glad to say. But I do have the strangest, intense aches in both elbows, wrists and hands and ankles and feet just now. Its like when toothache is troubling but very faintly in the distance so you almost feel as if you were imagining it. Or flu symptoms without the stuff in the head perhaps?

Although my tummy pain has mostly gone its also doing the same thing and lurking faintly in the background - which is why I'm wondering if this is RA related at all or whether my nerve endings are just over sensitive. I don't think they are though?

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I tend to get those intense feelings straight after my injections and try to comfort myself with the thought that its the medicine working! So sorry you still suffering, hope these drugs get back into your system soon and you are back to being more settled again. Thinking of you xxx


That's a nice thought Allanah - I hope you're right and thanks. Its just that I've had more extreme pain recently what with wrist, elbow, knuckles, thumb and then tummy - so was so delighted not to be in real pain that its only just occurred to me that I'm still not feeling too grand? Ah well I'm relatively fortunate and working away on hospital artwork this morning listening to the radio do not really moaning as much as asking. Xx


Yep! Think it's the same or similar, anyway. The vaguely distant toothache sensation is most noticeable along the length of long bones especially forearms and shins & feels as if it is right inside the bone. It does tend to vary in intensity very much like sound does - fades in, gets 'louder', fades out ........ I don't think I'm a masochist or entirely nuts but I do find it a bit interesting as long as it doesn't last too long. Does happen in joints too.

I had it worst before starting drugs - hours & hours with the volume turned up meant it was much more draining & scary than it is now.

Luce x


That's such a good analogy Luce - its like feedback isn't it - a cracking and fizzing that sometimes builds up to a bit of a roar. For me its also like the Orkney wind! Xx


Hello Tilda and all

I have had this kind of pain too and your description of flu type pain without the head stuff describes it well for me. When I first experienced it I thought that I was in for a good dose of "proper" flu". Mine, as Luce says, is more noticeable in the long bones - although I'd never actually thought about it like that before. So I'm guessing that, unfortunately what your are experiencing may well all be inflammation related.

If/how the tummy pain connects though is difficult to know isn't it? Re my ongoing stomach stuff, I am now beginning to believe there may well be an inflammatory connection in my case -not in terms of inflammatory stuff going on inside my intestines because all the tests for that have come back normal, but in terms of nerve or soft tissue inflammation. But as with all things RA, it can all be a bit of a mystery can't it... Wouldn't it be lovely if it there was a simple answer? If only.

Thinking of you.



Tilda I do , at the back of my jaw, although I have also this earache as well which I am trying to get sorted but there is a difference, the jaw pain is like a far away pain.


Well I'm not going stark raving nuts then which is a relief! Mads the jaw and earache sound as if they are related and probably to RA since you have it quite badly just now I think? I seem to have pain in places which don't really relate to RA - the sacroiliac joints (lower back) and the and upper abdomen. This afternoon we went and looked at our neighbour's house which is for sale directly below our own. We stood chatting with them for about an hour and I thought by the end I was going to pass out the pain in my pelvis and lower back was so bad. But it's more the distant pain that is just there most of the time now I'm meaning and pain that is far away describes it quite well actually. Tilda xx


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