My fridge gave up with a months supply of Enbrel inside!

I'm gutted, I know how lucky I am to get it, how expensive it is and now I've wasted 5 weeks worth!

I reckon the fridge went off around 10-12hours before I noticed, the food smells funny (haha that may be my cooking!) but the butter not very soft, do anyone know if it would be okay to use? or if there was any way I could tell?

Thanks :)

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  • I don't think it is, we had a power cut for around three hours and was told by healthcare at home I was just ok, do you have the healthcare at home helpline number?

    Give them a ring and they will advise and if its no good they will get you an urgent supply sent out.

    Don't feel guilty it's not your fault the fridge went on the blink x

  • Thanks Julie, how are you keeping? I'll ring tomorrow x

  • I don't know, but i do hope you get it sorted soon xx

  • thanks shirlthegirl :) x

  • I was told by healthcare at home that as long as Enbrel was kept under 20C it was ok for 24 hours. I should give them a ring and double check but I think you'll be ok.


  • Thanks, I'm hopeful it'll be okay!

  • think mary is correct x

  • hiya, have been meaning to pm you, my Dad passed away last Thursday :( xx

  • Mary is correct. Healthcare at Home pharmacist told me this when I was going on holiday and was concerned about maintaining temperature

  • Thanks JoBev :)

  • These things happen! New fridge though!!! What is the new fridge adaption now, water at the front, ready mad ice cubes, cheese display !!!! Xxxxxxx

  • sounds fancy :) big huge American type :) xxx

  • You use to be able to keep Enbrel out of the fridge for 4 days and still be able to put it back in and use it as long as it did not exceed 25 degrees. They have now changed this and you can keep it out for up to 4 weeks (yes 4 weeks), again as long as it doesn't go above 25 degrees. You can't put it back in the fridge once taken out mind you, (If you look at the leaflet that comes with the drug it is in the how to store it bit).

    Healthcare at home do a thermometer that's got an alarm on it. I use this when we go away. If you are worried about the same thing happening again you could ask them for one and then you will know if the fridge isn't working right.

    If you want to check the direct number to speak to a pharmacist is 01283 501390.

    Hope this helps.


  • thank you so much, feeling better about that, should be okay then but I will ring in the morning :)

  • Hi

    I think if the fridge door was not open the fridge would of kept its temperature for a few hrs before the contents started to deterioate.

    However to be on th safe side I would of rang hah and got them replaced.

    Hope you did not loose to much food. By the way I think you can claim on the house insurance? You would have to check your policy.

    Hope you are well???

    Joanne x

  • Hello Joanne, long time no speak! RA wise, I'm still very well :)

    To be truthful it was Amy (she's 2 now) fiddling with the temperature nobby thing! arghhh, my own fault turning my back and leaving it open!

    How are you keeping? didn't you have to change anti-tnf's? xx

  • Definitely check with the supplier. Sometimes they can replace supplies if they were damaged, so it might be worth checking with them if they would do that.

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