Four and Half months

Just to let everyone know now on week 18 so start 19 on 22 December so 4 and half months smoke free for hubby and I. Hubby still waiting to hear about angioplasty, he really needs it as foot is very bad. He was on patches but has now come of them and doing well. Its still onwards and upwards for us both., I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy christmas and new year and good luck with your continuing quits.



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  • Congrats. Best of luck and a merry Christmas to you to you both.

  • Dear Pupalup, thanks for the update, really thrilled for both you and your husband, you are doing great, wishing ye a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas and great recovery and quit year for you both xo

  • Update op is on 5 January will let you know more in new year xo

  • Merry Christmas and strongs for the next year.... Congrats on you and hubby's quit.... !

  • Now starting week 21 and hubby has had angioplasty in hospital overnight and he now has a warm foot at long last will update further in a few weeks. A very happy new year to everyone.

  • Ah Pupalup, what a wonderful post to read, huge well done to you and hubby and wishing you both a smoke free healthy and happy year!

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