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Quitting for good!!

Hi, my official quit date was 23rd July, however I was still having the odd puff. I am now at three weeks without a single puff, using gum,patches and inhalator. I have stumbled across this site after nearly cracking this afternoon. My friend is a heavy smoker and I had actually rolled a cigarette, after having a stressful week, at her kitchen table. Somehow I was able to put it down and grab the gum! I normally wear a patch but forgot it today.

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Hi hennyhamster...Welcome and the best thing that could happen to you is stumbled across this site.

Three weeks is very good.....I targeted 3 days 3 weeks and 3 months as milestones (By Wednesday I will be 3 months clean without a puff)

Yes is a roller coaster ride where we as quitters need to be on high alert to avoid the triggers .....and we are bombarded with them.daily..

Might have been easier if we could lock ourselves away for a year.....

Well you have overcome one craving by staying strong and a very big congrats for doing so !

Stay strong and post often we are here to back you all the way


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