No Smoking Day
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this is horrible...feel like I'm having a breakdown..extreme I know :(

This is awful. ..It's like the inner me has been unleashed! Little things that have been building up in me anyway that usually I would brush under the carpet have exploded this morning to the point I may have lost a friend...argh this is awful :(...i keep thinking maybe it's better to be a nice person for a shorter period of time than vile...

I haven't had a cigarette but there have been times this morning I could of gone and got a packet :(...

I haven't stopped crying yet this this normal I've not experienced this much nuttiness before

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Count to ten and take some long deep breaths through gritted teeth - I know it sounds crazy but it seems to work for me (in times of stress that is).

I know how you feel Aly. Life just seems easier when there's a cigarette within reach:( but we're only fooling ourselves.

I have honestly had so many unsuccessful attempts at quitting even though I hate myself for smoking. I know it's my lack of willpower that keeps letting me down.

Just think of your health, your family and also your bank balance. You really can survive without smoking and I'm thinking that you're probably a lot younger than me so do it now. Don't keep putting it off like I've done all these years.

Nobody needs smoking in their lives and I know you'll soon get the hang of your new smoke free life.

Me, well I'm still struggling on (but trying to keep a low profile after so many failed attempts).

Just try to keep remembering that you're doing this for yourself and that you don't need smoking in your life anymore. Honestly, you really don't (and neither do I).;)


Hi Aly.........Yes....snapping and barking at loved ones or good friends is part of this horrific first week or so ....... (But they will forgive you when the real smoke free Aly is back);)

It is the teeth grinding, climbing walls, scratching blackboard time and takes so much energy just to stay focused is unbelievable. is also "take control of my life" time and kick the Nicodemons ass...

You can do it.....sit down with a nice cup of green tea,,,,,and start to enjoy the smoke free journey.... Strongs !!!:cool:


Aly, everything your feeling is 'normal' unfortunately when going through with drawel. Each hour was a challenge for me at first and that's basically how I had to deal with it, an hour at a time, sometimes I cheated and got through an hour by having a nap, or going somewhere smoking is not allowed but little by little the 'hour' turned into 2 hours then half days and so on. It just has to run it's course, be strong and be patient with yourself.


How's it going Ally? hope your feeling better.


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