No Smoking Day
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Going insane :((

Hi Everyone,

Thought I would take this moment of going insane to write in 2nd day.

I have no energy, I am almost divorced already and the kids must think I'm the grumpiest Mum ever. I was trying do hard to not be the miserable giving up smoker that everyone tells to start smoking again because thy can't cope with their moods :(

My energy bar on my app says half full of a non smoker, well I have no energy all I want to do is lie down and sulk.

Need to get motivated to actually do something constructive, good job I am off wo

Took kids to see a kids film and cried all the way through, I'm not a crier so I'm presuming its giving up smoking.

It also says on my app I'm 84% clear of nicotine, I thought it took longer than that??

Positive thing of the day was kids telling me that I was doing well and they know I can do it :)

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Aaah Aly so sorry your having a tough time – but hang in there and you will get through it...really!! The nicotine takes about 3 days to get out of your system, so expect your symptoms to change up a bit over the next couple days. Get a good night sleep and tomorrow try to get outside, take a walk in the nice fresh air - I found nature has a unique way of soothing our soul:)

btw – smart kids you have, so make sure you listen to them!!!


Sorry you're having a tough time but hey, you've done 2 days so keep going. It will be ups and downs for a while so don't drop your guard. It's not worth it and I should know because I've lost count of the number of times I dropped mine - I wish I hadn't though.

It will get easier and you really can do this. Hang on in there Aly.;)


Aly, that's great you have kids, lean on them, tell them that you love them and want to spend as much time as possible with them so you have decided to quit smoking. Then ask what sort of things they'd like to do with you to help keep your mind of those nasty cigarettes. Kids will love to think they are helping and hopefully implants ideas about smoking they take with them through life.

All the best Aly, hope to see you here again tomorrow.


Aly.... You are doing great and if there is one thing that will carry you through this quit it will be your lovely kids: My total desire never to smoke again was when my 5 year old grand daughter gave me a hug out of the blue with the words: you are smelling so nice Gramps......

The rewards are so great and we actually owe that to them not to stink like a tobacco barn.......

Keep strong and no "licking on chain smokers" okay.!!!!......Strongs !!


Hey Aly I hope you're still with it, the bad moods do pass, my name wasn't drawn out of a hat :) check in regularly, this forum will save your life.


Thanks again for yesterdays support...honestly this is really helping me :) can't believe I'm about to write in day 3 :) yayy xx


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