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Ouch.... this is unsuspected !!!

HercuValued Contributor

Being a really "hard ass" smoker for 38 years I was somewhat forced to stop by warnings of COPD and all the other ugly things our mothers warned us about should we smoke.

OK the quit date was set and it went fairly well with the aid of Champix and although I had that first few days of feeling like weasels gnawed on your muscles and then shit on your brain I could manage and from week 3 saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I rediscovered a 38 year loss of senses and life......energy was back and I became me... I took control and it was soooo good...

Becoming complacent I stopped my Champix and went OK for two days but then it hit me full force : the same withdrawal symptoms without the craving ...

I am living with a headache originated in the Medulla Oblongata leaving me with a stiff neck and shoulders....Insomnia.....Sweating... Nausea.....and a body ache that felt like it was a train in the tunnel when I thought it was the light and ran right over me ....concentration went down the drain and took my energy with ...!! Last night I had such a cold fever attack that I needed to get into a warm bath.

I found myself hyperventilating for no reason and a heart beat like a humming bird...This never happened to me !!!

Living in the subtropical Africa I know the symptoms of tropical diseases like Malaria, Tick fever and Bilharzia which is exactly the same as described and due to the fact that the closest medical aid is 200 km away we keep home test kits for this but I tested negative .....

I think it is the demon who blindsided me but I have got news for him.....Hercu is not blindsided that easily, and be prepared for a fight.......I have tasted the sweet ,sweet smoke free life !!!

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Hi Hercu

Sorry to hear your having a hard time since you stopped the tablets.

My experience with zyban has been very different. I was worried that I would get the cravings as my whole experience has been "too easy" with zyban.

I stopped the tablets on day 77 and I am now on day 106 and had absolutely no problems. As I have posted previously, I still frequently think about smoking but only the positive side of being a non smoker.

I am more than confident you will cope- attack don't defend !

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Stay strong Hercu - I know you will! Hope you feel much better very soon x

Wow Hercu, I feel terrible for youforum.nosmokingday.org.uk/c... no-one deserves such a horrible time!! Hopefully your body is just reacting to the Champix - first by rejecting it, which gave you the symptoms at the beginning, and now by taking it away, it needs to re-adjust again - withdrawal if you will.

Stay strong, keep your mind on the prize - the sweet taste of a smoke free life, and you'll soldier through this – hopefully you feel better tomorrow x

HercuValued Contributor

Hi all my wonderful guardians and well wishers.

I need my feet on the ground and this walking 2 ft above is driving me crazy!!

Running out of options we decided to attack this "something" with Anti-Biotin's and seems to be working.

(In my third world it is available over the counter)

Had a better night with some sleep and little bit of sweating but feeling ready to fight this morning.

Must be some "'BUG" in my system which caught me on a weak point. :confused:

I thought I was overdoing it with my new found freedom and energy.... Luckily this stopped me just before I took over the world (LOL)

Once again, Thank you so much for the support and who can fail with this kind of backing :)

Keep going ... global domination is within your reach ;)

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