No Smoking Day
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25 days

Ok. 25 days without smoking tobacco. I didn't think I'd get this far, so am pretty pleased with myself. Still on the eCig, mostly low nicotine (0.6...whatever that means). The occasional blast of medium. Today is the first day since 'quitting' that I feel really well.

I've also been walking for 40 minutes everyday this week and drinking loads of water. I can even leap up stairs!!

Other horrible cough has gone ( the reason for stopping on the first place) and I no longer stink of smoke!

I've thought about getting zero nicotine for my ecig. It makes me wonder if I love nicotine or crave inhaling.( though I must admit my initial cold turkey attempt made me feel a bit recorded here)

I feel I've made a change, which is a success for me. Sometimes I think I'd like a rollup, but it's very fleeting. I can't quite believe it!

I hope everyone is well. I read the forum everyday, it's inspiring.

Good luck xxx

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Excellent progress Elizabeth, keep it up and ween yourself of the ecig's when it feels right or start skipping them and extending the time between them, something like that. Your definetly on the right course, glad to hear to enjoying the early results as well.


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