No Smoking Day

Back at day 1😞

Hi all

Never though I would be back but here I am.

After trying to kick the habit for the past how ever many months I have to kick this for health and my kids.

I want this so much but keep failing but determined this time.

Can't believe I even cheated going to smoking clinic. How bad is that didn't have a cig from day b4 till the following day till I had my reading.

This is a must and anyone that wants to buddy up to help each other along would be greatly appreciated.

I'm using vap and patches so wish me luck 😀

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Hi Emma,

You're determined, you're ready. This could be the one!!

Don't be hard on yourself. Maybe see all those previous quits as practice for this one.

Just got to keep trying.

I'm on day 9 I no too far ahead. Everyday can be different. Just one day at a time.

You're helping me at the moment....went out tonight and if there was a moment to have a smoke...well, this would be it.

BUT...I'm posting here instead and talking to you so...thank you Emma

Good luck and speak soon x


Emma, hello :)

You've not failed, however many times you've tried. You've been practicing and preparing! You've learned a lot about how your body and mind will try to trick you into smoking, and knowledge is power and all that. Stick with the forum, buddying up's a great idea, I know AnnMarie and I were really grateful for each other's presence in the early days (and still!).

There's loads of great advice here, and I found hanging around reading past-quitters' advice and experiences really useful. Ooops, just seen your join date, you probably know all this already!

I'll shurrup now! x


Hi Emma,

Being back at day one is a good thing, not a bad thing! Many of us fail a quit or two. The hard part is going back to day one and quitting again. Congratulations :)

We all have your back here :)


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