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I would say nice to see you all again, but......


Hello everyone, Well, after going on holiday to the USA in December, managing the flight and managing nearly 5 months off the smoke, I am back again. On day 1 (well i will be tomorrow) again. A long story, but suffice it to say, that problems at home, a spell of being out of work and sheer bordom and I am back on the smokes. I have been taking Champix again (this is my 3rd week) and I had planned to stop today, but stupidly thought I had gotten rid of all the fags, only to find a few lurking in a hiding spot in the car this morning. Sadly, as I am going through a possible divorce at home, this is actually going to be quite hard.

Stuck in traffic on the M25, I did try not to sucumb, but I went ahead and had one. I am really cross as I had geared myself up for this day, but now I have had one. I have decided that I will go and buy 10 (as I only had one in the car) and will make sure there are none left tomorrow and try again for a day one success.....I Hope you are all well.

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Don't be hard on yourself Lloyd, you're going through a really difficult time.

See how you feel tomorrow....and remember you accomplished a 5 month quit, so you know it can be done

Take care

Sorry to hear about your situation lloyd.

Its a tough time to quit smoking. But there is never a perfect time. You can do this :)


We are all cheering for you, you can do this you know it and we know it, unfortunately tough times make it very very difficult, but determination makes it seem worth while.

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