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Into the Penthouse

Well that's it. 1 year at 9pm last night.

23 July 2014, I was simple traffic warden off sick with a dodgy leg watching the Commonwealth Games. I was on day 9 of Champix from memory and I ran out of tobacco with a week till pay day. So I decided to stop.

23 July 2015. I'm a manager in the Parking Unit working long hours at MTV crashes on Plymouth Hoe. I'd been on a course all day and I knew that come 9pm it would have been a year. But I was too busy to think about it, as I was keeping my staff happy throughout and I was shattered to be fair.

Champix, you worked. I never finished the course properly, and I still have set of tablets to take. The last tablet I took was in October to go in a smoky car to London.

I've faced a few cracks, but the closest was New years Eve- when I had puff of my mates 0% E cig after a lot of booze. But I didn't inhale (snigger Bill Clinton) and the next day nothing. It was a normal hangover and no crave.

Yes I've stormed off and gone to the shop to get them- but Haribo are cheaper and the sugar comedown is better. In fact there isn't a type of sweet I've not rediscovered- but Rhubarb and Custard sweets in the early days got me through- and they had to be a certain brand as well!!

To any newbies- a year sounds unobtainable. But an hour is manageable. Be proud of that single individual hour. And move forward. You will get there.

And finally. I'm not and will never be an Ex Smoker. I'm a smoker who chooses not to smoke. A simple difference which takes the pressure off totally and helped me day to day.

Phil xx

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Wow amazing, a year of not smoking. I do hope you are so proud of yourself😄. I am nearly 6 months off ciggies and nearly 4 off e cigs...........really looking forward to being able to say a year and hopefully feeling lots better lol. Well done you :)


Amazing achievement, laughed at the haribo because they are so important at times to me still!! enjoy life x


Congratulations Phil, what a great achievement.

It's inspiring for us at the start to hear, so thank you


1 Year! Such an inspiration! Congratulations :)


wow..thats a gr8 accomplishment ....very well done...a big reward i hope??..:)


Hi Phil

Thank you for being an inspiration......

The best thing in your post is that you came of the Champix very easily.... Very good news for me..

I also stopped with the aid of Champix and it worked for me as well... The sweets also yes (LOL)

I have got 21 Days to go on Champix. (Also stopped on day 12 or 13 and smoke free for 5 weeks and 3 days now)

I am already forgetting to take my Daily dose....

Thank you once again


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