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No cough??

Hello - I'm new; you can probably tell! I have been a month now stopped just like that with patches as support. I can hardly believe I'm saying this but this has been so much easier than I thought (early days still I know). There are two things I'd like others comments/advice on if I may.

1. I was expecting a cough - sounds a bit odd but I like the thought of my lungs clearing out 15 years ( on and off) worth of gunky rubbish. Is no cough normal?

2. I am down to cutting 14mg patches in half ( niquitin clear 24hr) and am worried that once I go patch free I'll be back to square one.

If anyone has any experiences they can share I'd be grateful, thanks!

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Hello, welcome, and congrats on getting this far :)

I can help, sort of, with 1. I didn't get a clearing out cough either, (and I too was a bit oddly disappointed!) so I don't know about normal, but not unheard of :)

With 2...well, I didn't use patches, but if you keep telling yourself how brilliant you are every time you realise you've done one more day/hour/week/however you're measuring it, and remind yourself how much you wanted to quit, and how proud of yourself you feel, I reckon you'll manage when it comes to life without patches!

Good luck xx


Hi Lilla. Welcome, and go straight to the room you're meant to be in in relation to the length you haven't smoked.You're going so well on your quit.

I had a 'cough' before I stopped smoking. Bronchitis eventually repeating for the last 3-4 years. When I stop smoking my cough disappears immediately. Only now am I getting sore throats and restrictive lungs. I understand that there's a chemical in cigs that dilates our bronchials, and I can believe that because I have felt my breathing ease with smoking.

I don't know about thge patches. I use champix which works a treat for me. It doesn't have nicotine in it, which is a little odd as it suggests - and we know - that nicotine is out of our system in 48 hours, so the withdrawal you're facing might not be nicotine.

Just remember, breathe, NOPE mantra, orange juice, drinking water. And repeat, and want to stop. It#s a poor habit, smoking, we know that.


Hi Lilla

No I didn't gave a cough neither I was expecting one but it didn't happen. Not sure about patches I went ct

, but I'm sure others on this forum have more experience, well done on your month you have done extremely well keep going girl you can do this


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