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Plodding on

Still going strong and still reading through my free books one was only 17 pages haha fast read and nothing new but the one I'm reading at the minute is very interesting it's different to Allen Carr in that it admits we have developed ourselves into needing and wanting a cigarette but that's it's all about un-teaching ourselves the habit and understanding how and why we smoke ie what happens how the subconscious plays a part in it and how our body reacts taking me a while to read as I'm so busy at the minute I'm about 47% through but it's keeping not smoking in my mind and actually a fresh of breath air in thinking terms :-) xxx

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Your straight to the point Shelly, it us a case of just keep going, I truly can say the longer the quit the weaker the crave.

Breaking addiction is hard. But you can do it you can, once those first few horrid times are over you will be so pleased.

Hang tight to the forum, Shelly doing great😊


Well done, I read plenty in my first weeks of my quit, it really helped - although I did find myself looking at graphic images of terrible smoking related surgeries to drive the message home, I am an ex nurse so wouldn't recommend this approach for everyone!

Each day you are breaking your habit, it can seem repetitive but believe me, slowly slowly it gets easier :) x


Great going Shelly. I've forgotten what my first week was like now, so you have that to look forward to. It's only stressful at the time................I'll be saying that about my week 10 in a few weeks..............what was all my fuss about? Don't worry, it's not too much of a fuss!


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