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Super weekend

Had a great weekend with my family. Barbecue Saturday then yesterday we spent the day in Benidorm. What I did notice yesterday how many people were smoking, of course Benidorm is full of Brits holidaymakers in the bars with cheap booze and cheap fags so I guess they were all enjoying indulging themselves. I did not envy them one bit though I felt quite smug that I could enjoy myself with a drink and no cig. My son quit when I did so he was saying the same thing. We had three children with us and it was really good not having to have one of us watching them while the other crept away for a smoke. Life really is better without those smelly things. Each week that passes I feel stronger and I don't now need to keep stuffing myself with comfort foods. Maybe I can start to lose those extra pounds now.

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Sounds fantastic, your quit is going from strength to strength, and yes indeed you should be proud your doing amazing.

Those extra pounds, well better than the fags isn't it?

No sun here


You're doing blinking great Spanish and an inspiration to everyone, although must admit slightly jelous of your location we have had rain all day very miserable I miss sunshine xx. Very very very well done xxxx


Spanish sun, wish I was where you are. It's chilly here today :( x


Good going Spanish. Positive, upbeat posts as ever. I'm spending the long weekend in Marbella. Looking forward to the warmth and sun, although it has been pretty warm here.


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