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It really does get better!!!!


I am now entering week 8 on champix and 3 weeks nicotine free. My experience of champix is that it is a 'cruel'(but fab) drug.... I went cold turkey and had no choice - when I increased the dosage, a day or so later I slept for most of 3 days after that... then in a trance for a day or so after that.... etc... BUT towards the end of the 3 weeks nicotine free I have started to feel ok!

This afternoon I was using ebay - laptop soooooo slow - took me hours and I was so frustrated I was hot and sweaty.

OK, I guess you know what I was feeling, STRESS = CIGGIE.

WRONG Celestine, STOP and THINK - right, because I am aware that after 3 weeks I am no longer addicted to nicotine, it must be a psychological feeling. Therefore, perhaps it's more likely to be - STRESS = HUNGER. I had a banana and sat quietly, deep breathing for a few minutes and calmed down.

Do you know, it WORKED!!!!!!! :) :) :)

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Yay! That psychological thing bites us on the bum from time to time but think you've got it's measure. Whatever you are doing and however you are doing it, keep going 'cos it is working. I too found deep breathing very helpful and still use that technique at 6 months :) x

Doing fantastic, as Caroline said, it's all about the mental attitude, but my word your tuned in, doing fantastic so far.

Addiction of any thing , drugs, alcohol, smoking what ever is going to take determination to break . But quashing it.

A huge well done from me

Well done Celestine. I don't think it worked.............I think you worked. You did all the right things and had the right thoughts. What amazing resources we truly have.

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