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woo hoo

Well hello everyone, newbies and regulars.

Its been quite a while since I posted on here. Mainly because whilst I needed you all in the beginning, as time went by, I didn't. Which sounds quite selfish but that's just life.

However I can tell you that today is day 365 of my quit process and at 10pm I am gatecrashing the penthouse party and making myself at home. Being smoke free for a whole freaking year!!!!

As a bit of background to me, I gave up using Champix. I must admit I was in the right frame of mind to quit and to be honest I found it quite easy. This makes me feel like a bit of a fraud. If it was that easy why didn't I give up sooner. I guess the answer was simply I didn't want to! I can only pass on my techniques which helped me along the way.

1. Log on and chat to folk on here. There is as plethora of good tips and some reet nice people to help you on your way

2. Drink water in sips. It really does help take your mind off the habit, the cravings and that something to do with the hand, keep that water bottle handy.

3. Walk everywhere you can. It will help keep the weight down and as your lungs start to recover you will be amazed at how good you feel. I now walk 3km to work everyday, rain or shine. I can climb the stairs at work without getting out of breath. And by god can I breathe

4. I had a bit of an issue with getting angry for periods of time. This was just because my cigarette was no longer my stress buster. I warned everyone at work (my only cause of stress lol) and would just walk away. I found my walk home from work is a great way to destress and not carry it on into my home life. I will admit my temper has not really recovered and I am much less tolerant than I was before. I have also just discovered yoga and I cant recommend it enough as a good channel to relax and focus the breathing.

And even better news is my partner has today started on the Champix after promising that if I made it to 12 months he would give it a go.

So to anyone starting out on your journey- embrace it, stay strong and most of all believe you can do it, because you really can and one day you will look back and think what were you ever thinking when you started smoking.

To all those who have helped me on my journey, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I sing the forum's praises to everyone who says they want to give up

Ta muchly

Debbie xx

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Hello Debbie

Massive congratulations on reaching the penthouse. I quit 26th Feb 2015 so have some way to go but agree having support is making a difference. My partner still smokes and that is hard, how did you tackle that? Anyway must be amazing for your partner to see you reach a year smoke free. Congratulations 🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉🍰🍹🍰


Congratulations Debbie. A year in. A fine achievement. And thanks for posting. Encouraging to all of us coming through. All the best.


Thanks both of you. Ann, as for how did I cope with my partner smoking. To be honest, and I must be a freak, it hasn't really bothered me. If anything I enjoyed it when he smoked because it reminded me why I didn't want to. Listening to him cough, smelling him when he had just had just strengthened my resolve. Oh and if anyone is wavering go take a deep sniff of a stasle ashtray. Its absolutely foul!!!

Well done yourself by the way, 2 months in and I am sure you are finding it hard still. Try not to look on giving up as being denied your favourite things, instead look at it at conquering a goal and each hour or day passed is a climb to the top of the hill. Imagine you are climbing that mountain. Yes its hard going but keep thinking of that view at the top. When it becomes a struggle, stop thinking, close your eyes and breathe deep for as long as it takes, concentrating on your breathing. When calm, open your eyes and start the climb again. Always onwards, always upward. In fact if you have a hill near you to climb then make that your focus. As your lungs strengthen, every time you climb that hill you will feel gradually better, try running that last metre, 2 metres, 10 metres and do the Rocky air pounch every time. I hope I gave inspired you a bit.

I will job back in every so often xx


You certainly have and an incredible well done! My hubbie is still smoking too - a few days ago I did grab the odd drag every now and then but now I just enjoy the smell and that does it for me, along with the deep breathing and meditation - and rather than water I have a constant mug of tea by my side.

I still have a lot of cravings but champix is stopping my body from feeling relieved by the nicotine - so I need to find another way.

Hubbie has watched as I have slowly given up and is amazed - especially as I had an opp on Friday - stitches out soon :) Still I WILL give up :) He's hopefully starting champix in a few days when he can get a gp appointment :)

Well done again and I will read your story again and again... thank you for posting x


Big Well Done !


So wonderful to reach that magic year.

THANKYOU for your post, will have inspired so many.

Brilliant, huge well done


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